yummy_lychees (yummy_lychees) wrote,

Zeen Review: Scene Mean

SCENE MEAN by Mel Stringer

This is an A7 portrait format, B&W skin & guts, staple bound zeen by Mel Stringer. As tiny & plain as it is, it apparently retails for $5. & This zeen pokes fun @ hipsters, which isn't all that hard to do. Hipster jokes are all over the internet & are so common the jokes outnumber the hipsters. The hipsters have succeeded in remaining more aloof than the jokes made about them, & their 'scene' has mostly been identified by critics rather than from within their own ranks. Nevertheless Stringer has drawn a bunch of trendy young peeps saying 'overheard' funnies befitting their culture. Her drawing is of the usual standard & yes, I found it amusing.
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