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13 May 2014 @ 11:22 pm
Zeen Review: Quickdraw  


QUICKDRAW #6 by John Weeks

Just under twenty years ago, when I was first discovering what zeens were via indie comics, I learned about John Weeks. He appeared in an episode of my VHS copy of Q-Ray's community TV series, 'Comic Book Virus'. He featured a bit in the 'Milkbar' journals. He came across as an inspiring guy in the video & in the journals he straddled the comics vs. zeens divide perfectly. Weeks' comic-zeens were not concerned with the artistic ideals of a lot of indie comics, not concerned with getting the drawings just so, they were much more DIY-ethic focussed, just communicating with pen & paper like a Pictionary game & sharing it with the people. A spirit that zeen folk have been in touch with for generations. I did not see work by Weeks outside of this time period until just under five years ago when he signed up for former 'Milkbar' editor Amber Carvan's web-comic project, 'Comic Artist Rehab'. This edition of Quickdraw I procured appears to be from this period , as it references that project. I picked it up at Melbourne's zeen fair in February to bring myself closer to all of the aforementioned – the legend that is John Weeks. It still features hastily drawn Pictionary looking sketches about Weeks' life living in South East Asia, which is in keeping with what I'd understood 'Quickdraw' to be like. But this is not the Quickdraw comic-zeen of just under twenty years ago, this is a full-colour, professionally-printed volume in American-paper sized portrait format, it has an ISBN & a barcode. Why isn't it a photocopied chapbook complying with copy-paper standards? This is disappointing.