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TMGC + WHERE DO PANDAS COME FROM by Licky the Cream (Natalie Aylward)

Some clever-clogs has figured out how to make a simple zeen w/ just an A4 piece of paper & a pen. If you make a cut through through the middle in the right spot, you can fold into a 6-page (+ cover) A7 mini-zeen. You could even flip it over & make another zeen on the other side of the paper. I've seen 1 or 2 by Tom Roberts @ an Ex-A-Sketch meeting I wandered into & got sent a couple by Natalie Aylward AKA Licky the Cream. Being such small zeens they are kind of cute & pocketable. Which is why the 2 zeens are so appropriately themed around tamagotchis. I used to like tamagotchis but I became suspicious they were a yuppie conspiracy to pre-condition us for the use of the now ubiquitous mobile phone. (My, a digital gizmo I keep in  my pocket & fiddle w/ every 5 minutes in a vain attempt to seem less lonely, where have I seen this before?) I've yet to see a tamagotchi game or app on a mobile phone probably because this would make the comparison all too clear. But that's my own thoughts on 'tamas', Natalie regales us w/ her own stories of tamagotchi play in 'TMGC', the critters she's raised, what their names were etc. & On the other side of the paper is secret tama gossip, not unlike the pony gossip in Chris Tamm's 'Spicy Pony Secret Fantasy'. 'Where Do Pandas Come From' is a little less anecdotal, it's a wordless picture book of comic that shows the evolution of a panda tamagotchi. From hatching from an egg & watering to make it grow, all the scientifically accurate methods of rearing pandas are covered. All in B&W, portrait format, myspace.com/zombetty
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