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13 April 2010 @ 02:37 pm
Zeen Review: This Town  

THIS TOWN by Anthony Woodward.

I picked up this comic @ the Format Zeen Fair in Adelaide probably because it was published by my friend Mark Selan under his Sure Shot line of comics. He had said he wasn't going to do anymore of these but he'd become a publisher again, this time w/ a colour cover to boot. Mark's aim w/ Sure Shot Comics is to produce quality Australian comics with an emphasis on longer storytelling, rather than common anthology comic titles that profile comic artists w/ a few pages of content each. So the Sure Shot line so far has produced titles for L. Frank Weber, Doug Holgate & Mandy Ord, & now there's 'This Town' by Anthony Woodward. 'This Town' is an autobio diary comic that charts Anthony's shift, w/ his partner & child, from Ballarat, Australia to Winnipeg, Canada. It's structured around his VISA application, & what he gets up to in between. He's learning about adjusting his life w/ his new-born kid to begin w/ & then he & his partner face the stress of finding a new place to live once they get to Canada, w/ little wayward episodes amongst these two life changes. This reminded me of the previous diary comic I read, Jesse Reklaw's '10000 Things To Do'. Although that was a much more thorough account of Jesse's life, being a daily comic, Anthony's 'This Town' seemed better structured around an event in his life, but not without the enjoyable nuances that come from real life autobio stories that both titles share. 'This Town' also could sit well along side the strip collections of  now fellow Canadian, Lynn Johnston. A5 portrait format w/ B&W guts. Available in my town from Format Zeen Shop & Pulp Fiction Comics & by writing to A.W. Comix, PO Box 174W, Ballarat, Vic. Australia, 3350.