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04 October 2010 @ 12:48 pm


This could almost be said to be a recipe zeen, except recipes make up the minority of the page count inside. What the zeen covers more thoroughly is one woman's obsession with the macaron. There is so much given to the context, the story behind the handful of macaron recipes contained here that it veers away from a recipe zeen & closer to autobio. This is more enjoyable as a read, rather than other cooking zeens that act more as a reference & live in the kitchen away from other zeens. But also the zeen does stress how difficult macarons are to make successfully I'm sure at least half who read this zeen would be too discouraged to try them. While entertaining enough as a read, the level of detail the author goes into about her obsession is daunting. This is one nerdy, nerdy zeen. I don't think I've read something this manaically obsessive since Tom Broderick's (posthumous?) work (that I think Stratu put out here in Oz). The author is not someone I'd ever want to meet or engage in conversation with, but from the safe distance of a zeen audience, the zeen is rather fun. A highlight being a bad recipe found on live journal, annotated for its faults by the author, exclamation marks rampant. After the autobiographical context, the next part is a thorough run-through of making a basic macaron recipe, with plenty of tips from the too-far-gone author. & At the back is a third part collecting her source recipes. The layout is good ol' handcrafted cut & paste & is impressive considering it's quite a long zeen. There's Alice in Wonderland illustrations through most of it which seems to be going somewhere thematically, then doesn't. There seems to be as much care & attention in the zeen making as there is in the author's macarons, which is tops. & I will admit I am curious to try one. A5 Portrait format colour skin with B&W guts, staple bound. Contact becksley dot felix at gmail dot com