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18 October 2010 @ 02:39 pm
Zeen Review: PAPER COMICS  

PAPER COMICS #s 2-4 by C.S. McMurray

This is a series of short comic stories. Curiously, McMurray has been releasing them in reverse order. #4 Came out first & the releases are building up to #1. So far, however, there doesn't appear to be any link to these stories. #2 & #4 Seem to be set nearly 100 years ago. #2 Is about a woman running late in Adelaide. #4 Is by far the most enigmatic of the set to date, about a woman who enters a secret door & the subtle change she  has upon her exit. Meanwhile #3 appears to be perhaps modern day Adelaide, but goes on a historical Victorian bent by including Ned Kelly as one of the feature characters. These stories are short & sweet, appear to be well written within their brevity & McMurray's artwork is charming. I get a Bruce Mutard meets Woody Allen feel & I like the nostalgic setting. Whether this retrospective release is actually relevant to the storytelling in the series or not I've yet to discern. It certainly adds to the mystique of the product, besides McMurray himself, who I know not very well either, besides small exchanges & rumours that I probably started. So far I would recommend #4 over the others, it's frustrating in its mystery, but it's meant to be. #2 Seems to have more style than substance, & is literally pedestrian story-wise. #3 Is probably the funniest, but it operates on a familiar jokey premise. A6 Landscape format, B&W on creamy yellow paper skin & guts, staple bound. Contact: papercomics at internode dot on dot net