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Zeen Review: Mote#4

MOTE #4 by Cameron Baker

This is a cute zeen full of likes. The kind of pop-cultural likes that friends can use to assess each other. I'm not sure I've discriminated my friendships this way for a while, but it's a phenomenon we go through at least as children & teens. & 'Mote' is a testament that this is still going on, even though it got co-opted  by Facebook somewhat. Within the write ups of things Cameron likes are looser thoughts & art, which add the cute factor to what could potentially be a much drier & dull zeen (of mere likes). Hopefully some of those ideas could be fleshed out to form the core of the zeen in some future issues, especially the art, which has the most original imprint in the work. For now they remain loose, like this zeenster is just dipping his toe in the water before diving into a more thorough zeen experience. Although the content content is a little lightweight now, aesthetically it's a well put together zeen. It's an A6 portrait format zeen, with colour skin & a combination of colour & B&W pages for guts. I may not read another issue of 'Mote' now, but I'd definitely flip through later issues to look for changes & developments. Staple bound. Contact: cameronbaker at live dot com dot au
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